Your Property ... Your Pocket

Always remember that time is money. The longer your property sits vacant without a tenant, the more you are out of pocket.

So what are you waiting for? Derry Rentals offer FREE rental valuation and property evaluation. We are only focused on quality accommodation, so please ensure that your property is of an acceptable standard. We are committed to quality and are focused on providing an exemplary service to landlords and tenants alike.

Need advice? Derry Rentals can advise what you need to do to make your property more appealing to a wider audience and how to secure the best tenant and achieve the fairest rental price.

Keeping up appearances? Derry Rentals have a list of local established and experienced property maintenance and construction professionals that can offer a full range of services to make sure that your property is in top condition for renting and that any repairs that are needed can be carried out by professionals, in a timely manner.

Please note that we offer two types of services, both Lettings and Property Management as outlined below.

Our Lettings service includes the following features and benefits ~

  • Advertising & Marketing - If you choose Derry Rentals as your property partner you will benefit from our traditional, targetted flyer drops and door-to-door marketing, plus our online campaigns which include prominent placement on locally targeted websites.
  • Arranging Viewings - We deal with your property calls and appointments for you.
  • Tenant's References and Checks - We provide screening of prospective clients in order to minimise potential difficulties.
  • Contracts - Legal and above board, we have legal contracts in place to keep everyone right.
  • Inventory Preparation - Identifying property ware levels and items / furnishings supplied at contract signing, to negate any future potential disputes.
  • Rent & Deposit - We will obtain your deposit as required / stipulated and your first months rent.


Our Property Management service includes the following additional features and benefits ~

  • Rent Collection - We can arrange that the rent is collected and transferred to the owner's account.
  • Arranging Viewings - We can manage any maintenance and repairs that are required during the tenancy via our tried and tested professional contractors.
  • Property Inspections - We carry out periodic inspections on the property to ensure it's condition, security and maintenance remain intact.
  • Contracts - We carry out a thourough end of tenancy property inspection and return of tenant's deposit.

So, are you interested in renting or letting property in Derry City / Londonderry, then please contact Derry Rentals

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